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This t-shirt is made of bamboo cotton to ensure your comfort. Bamboo Fibers are anti-bacterial, soft and absorb moisture away from your skin. A great choice for your next adventure and travel activity.

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For those who shared same value with us …

We believe travelling is one of many solutions to our country’s problem. Travelling will bring us new experiences and knowledge, some unthinkable before. Travelling allows us to realize the existence of our unfortunate brothers, our little friends who aren’t properly educated. Travelling makes us grateful for what we have, and be more caring individuals, and then deciding how should we act accordingly.

We believe, by visiting a place, we can learn a lot about the local culture, its superiority, its inferiority, and its uniqueness. We also believe those who we visited can also learn from us, ensures the interchange of knowledge and culture. Travelling gives us the chance to share dreams, goals, optimism, and positivity that they might never had before.

We believe, as more people visit a place, more positive effects will be shared with the local residents. Adding sources of income, advancing economy forward, and prosper them. Raising awareness on the importance of education for parents, and on the importance of conserving natural resources and environment.

We believe, a fine trip story and breathtaking pictures will inspire many others to travel and visit places. And we can contribute by sharing our inspiring stories and photos of our trip.

And we, can become a part of this wonderful change. We can become a part of the realization of social-welfare for every Indonesia citizens.

We CAN live a life benefiting others!